Celebrate Every Occasion
with Your Fur Babies

Complete & Effortless Baking Set

Bake wholesome, healthy, and delicious ORGANIC treats with your heart and hands for every milestone and celebration -- birthdays, adoption anniversaries, and human holidays.

No paws or whiskers left out ever again!

Best Sellers for Doggies and Kitties

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  • All Natural and organic, No sugar, wheat, corn, soy, or salt

  • 100% ingredients and supplies made in the U.S.A. since 2010

  • Easy and Fun FOR human companions in all sizes

  • The only PATENTED BAKING PAN to ensure quality

  • easy 2-3 min Microwave Ready

1st Place Winner

Outshining more than a thousand entries worldwide, PetCakes emerged victorious at the esteemed Global Pet Expo – the pinnacle event in the entire world within the pet industry.

This coveted title in the dog product category firmly establishes PetCakes as the unparalleled champion across all realms of dog-related innovation.

  • “So easy”

    My picky dog loved it so much, he usually is very picky and doesn't want certain treats but he took the whole cake off the plate when he got the chance. -Julie

  • “Was a hit! She loved it!”

    Made this for my fur baby’s birthday party and she loved it. Was easy to make... I highly recommend! -Alma

  • "Carob Birthday Goodness!"

    My dog turned 8 today! I liked the idea of making a little cake for the occasion, and this kit caught my eye. I liked how easy it was to make... She loved it! -Chelsea

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Baking Joyful Treats: PetCakes Supports Children and Therapy Dogs

Each purchase contributes to PetCakes' monthly event with the Ronald McDonald House where we host the beloved "Make, Bake & Decorate PetCakes" bringing happiness to children. These delightful treats then make their journey to become heartwarming rewards for therapy dogs at Cincinnati's Children’s Hospital.