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Paws & Brunch Canine Cookbook

Paws & Brunch Canine Cookbook

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Paws & Brunch is the first and only brunch inspired cookbook created just for dogs. Pet parents will have as much fun making these healthy recipes as much as their K9 kids will enjoy eating them! This book includes 14 healthy brunch inspired dishes for dogs like Woof Waffles, Canine Crepes, Mutt Muffins and YES, they all look like human food, but safe for Fido.

These fun to make treats for your puppies are so easy and fast that even kids can make them. Every recipe has a glamour shot of what the final meal looks like and a picture of all the ingredients needed in addition to helpful step-by-step photos along the way.

This keepsake cookbook has a special place for photos so you can remember your fur baby eating your homemade human-looking treats fur-ever. In addition, there is a special section dedicated to toxic foods your dogs should never eat and why.

This unique dog cookbook contains more than just healthy recipes that are social media worthy, but is also a keepsake photo album and a great food guide to help you navigate what is safe and unsafe for your fur babies to eat.

Every dog obsessed parent and child will love getting this canine cookbook as a gift to cherish for years.  Increase your social media followers and create loving lasting memories of your beloved animals with the Paws for Brunch culinary canine cookbook!

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