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Complete Baking Kit for Cats

Complete Baking Kit for Cats

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The Purrfect Cat Confectionery Kit: Effortless Feline Festivities Baked by You!

Flavors: Irresistible Cheese flavor Delights paired with yogurt frosting mixes for a creamy topping.

Elevate special moments with your cherished whiskered companions using our all-inclusive, user-friendly baking ensemble. Celebrate with your fur babies like never before. Prepare to forge everlasting memories, one delectable morsel at a time.

Ignite the festive spirit as you gather to serenade your beloved cat with a heartfelt Happy Birthday melody. This comprehensive package equips you with all the essentials to shower your pet with delightful treats, creating three fish-shaped frosted cakes and three irresistible fish-shaped ice creams adorned with fun sprinkles and a charming little candle!

Crafted with Premium Ingredients

Our DIY treats are a testament to top-notch quality, meticulously assembled from the finest human-grade components. Say farewell to unwanted additives; our blends are meticulously crafted without grains, corn, soy, artificial sweeteners, excessive salt, or preservatives. And there's an added perk – every ingredient is thoughtfully procured and attentively prepared right here in the USA, including our innovative pans!

What's Included:

  • Reusable fish-shaped patented pan - makes 3 cakes at a time
  • 4 cake mixes (cheese flavor) - each bag makes 3 cakes
  • 2 frosting mixes (yogurt flavor)

Fast, Effortless, and Customizable

In just 2 ½ minutes, the cakes emerge from the microwave, ready to be adorned and savored. Elevate the experience by infusing your kitty's preferred flavors, like succulent chicken or savory fish, and jazz it up with enticing toppings such as catnip, flaked salmon, or kibble. All the instructions you need are conveniently provided on the packaging.

Because cats deserve indulgent celebrations too!

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