Holy Cannolis for cats and dogs Recipe

We are getting creative with all the ways you can use our PetCakes Complete Baking Kit for Cats and Dogs.  Make a fun furry dessert that will impress your friends both 2 and 4-legged.  You will need to buy your own small cannoli molds, but I bet you have everything else in your own pantry!

Prep time: 10 minutes.    Cook time: 25 minutes.  Makes 10

You wil need:  10 cannoli forms, rolling pin, 3" round cookie cutter, baking sheet

Cannoli Ingredients:  2 PetCakes mixes + 3 Tablespoons of canned pumpkin

Cannoli Instructions:  Preheat oven to 350.  Mix all ingredients & form into ball (use your hands!).  Using a rolling pin, roll dough very flat & cut out circles. Carefully roll each circle around the cannoli mold & seal the ends by pressing dough together. Place & press onto cookie sheet to create a flat bottom to prevent it from rolling around on cookie sheet.  Cook for 25 minutes or until done. remove from oven, cool then remove from cannoli form.

Filling Ingredients: 2 PetCakes frosting mixes + 1 cup plain Greek yogurt

Filling Instructions:  While cannolis are cooking, combine all filling ingredients together & blend until smooth. Spoon mixture into a piping bag (or baggie) and refrigerate until cannolis have cooled. Pipe filling into each cannoli & add sprinkles, crushed kibble or unsweetened coconut chips to each end.  Refrigerate or freeze until serving time.


Super easy to make and my dogs loved it!

For the price, it's the best dog cake you can make... Easy instructions and easy to make!

definitely worth buying !! Buy it! :)

- Christina P. (August 2023)

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Dogs Loved It!

My dogs 13th birthday and she shared with other two dogs. They all had it demolished in seconds. Smells so good. Lol

- anonymous customer (August 2023)

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Happy pup!

Easy to make and our pup loved it.

I added the peanut butter to the cake and honey to the frosting as recommended. Love that we were able to microwave it in 2 minutes.

- Cynthia R. (July 2023)


Pup Approved!!

I made this for my dog’s 12th birthday and it was perfect! The baking tray isn’t silicone like I had assumed, but rather a hard plastic for microwaving only. The size was great, the kit was easy to make, and my dog really liked it!

One thing I had done is mixed up the icing, added a touch more water, covered the small bowl in plastic wrap, and let it sit for about an hour. It turned from a thin icing consistency to a thicker pipable icing (like royal icing if you know what I mean.) I was able to pipe my decorations and loved how it turned out! I absolutely recommend it!!

- Eve R (June2023)

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