Tail-Gate Pawty for Puppy Bowl

Tail-Gate Pawty for Puppy Bowl

“Tail Gate” Appawtizers & “Rally” Tug Toy

Can you believe that 2020 is over? Well, I can, and we are ready to get a fresh new start on our pet party planning for 2021! After the year we had, I know everyone is ready to pawty! This year we are going to “rock out” for the 17th annual “Puppy Bowl” which airs on February 7, 2021 on Animal Planet. Oh my dog, did you know the Puppy Bowl is pre-taped in New York over two days in October, then later edited for major game highlights?

Now you can have the pet party of the year, with these MVT’s (most valuable treats) and fun furry activities for a day of winning but no whining! I will give you step by step instructions on how to make watching the game even more fun than it already is with my Puppy Bowl Pizza recipe & your very own “Rally Stick” to root on your favorite team. So, are you ready to PAWTY?!

Puppy Bowl Pizza

Prep Time: 15
Cook Time: 20
Serves: 8

You Will Need

Rolling pin
9” pie pan



¾ cup flour
1 Tbs oil (NatrixOne preferred)
1 egg


1 Tbs organic tomato paste
1 Tbs liquid (bone broth preferred)
¼ tsp oregano


2 Tbs ground or shredded parmesan
8 thin slices zucchini
8 thin slices yellow squash
1 Tbs shredded carrots


  1. Pre heat oven to 350 degrees and lightly spray or grease pie pan.
  2. Combine all crust ingredients, mix well & form into a large, flattened ball.
  3. Using a rolling pin, roll out dough in a circle.
  4. Using a spatula, pickup dough & gently place into pie pan.
  5. Using fingers, spread dough to the sides of pie pan creating a slight edge for the crust & set aside.
  6. Whisk sauce ingredients together & spread on top of pizza crust.
  7. Add toppings evenly over top of sauce & place into oven.
  8. Remove, cool & serve with your dogs’ favorite bark brew!

Team Rally Stick

You Will Need

2 strips of fleece in 2 different colors
(pick 2 colors from your favorite football team)


  1. Cut the felt in 1.5” x 24” strips.
  2. You will use a macrame half knot for this activity because it is easier than a square knot. However, if you are up for the challenge, I have found this YouTube video the easiest to understand,
  3. The half knot will start with double knotting the top by taking 2 strips in each hand and tying them together twice.
  4. Using heavy tape, tape the knot to the counter & separate the outside colors from the 2 middle colors. I used one color for the outside (black) & another for the inside (orange). As long as you keep the same strips on the outside & the same 2 strips on the inside it doesn’t matter which color is in which position.
  5. Starting on the left, create an “L” shaped loop over the 2 center orange pieces.
  6. Use the far-right black strip & place over the bottom of the “L” & under the 2 center orange strips & up through upper “L” loop & pull the outside pieces.
  7. Repeat steps 4&5 until the toy is approximately 6 inches long.
  8. Double knot the bottom end & let the Rally begin!
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