FURozen Furry Treats

FURozen Furry Treats

Summer is here and we couldn’t be happier! It’s time to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, mask free! We love being outside because that’s where our fur babies prefer, and we love what they love!

Nothing else says summer like eating ice cream poolside. Now that’s living the dream. Pretty soon we will be hearing the sounds of the ice cream truck coming through our neighborhoods and kids screaming for ice cream. Well, your 4-legged children will be barking and begging for more of my new healthy ice cream recipe that is super easy to make. Plus, you can customize it to your cat or dog’s personal taste.

Just remember that cats need more meat-based products in their diets than dogs and this is a treat not to be given on a daily basis. Moderation is key!

We hope you enjoy your summer as much as your furry friends are going to love their FURozen Furry Treats! I would serve them outside and keep them frozen until ready to enjoy.

We LOVE pictures, so please share your fur babies with us @iLovePetCakes or #iLovePetCakes on Instagram and Facebook.

FURozen Furry Treats


3/4 cup organic canned coconut cream (Did you know that canned coconut cream is dairy and lactose free?)

2 tbs canned salmon or chicken (can be used for cats and dogs)


2 tbs smashed banana + 1 tbs almond butter or peanut butter (best for dogs)


Thoroughly combine the coconut cream to your choice of ingredients (salmon, chicken or banana/peanut butter)

Pour mixture into a freezer safe mold and freeze for 2 hours.

Remove treats and place into freezer safe bag until ready to serve.

Serve 1 treat per week outside or in food dish.

Be sure to take lots of picture to share on social media and tag us @ilovepetcakes!

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