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Brunch Box for Dogs (includes fun food to last 3 months)

Brunch Box for Dogs (includes fun food to last 3 months)

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Indulge in a delightful brunch rendezvous with your faithful fur baby!

Welcome to the Brunch Box Club!

Thoughtfully designed and delivered straight to your doorstep in an adorable and unique keepsake box, PetCakes created the only brunch box for dogs in the world. The fun lasts 3 months, unveiling a treasure trove of nutritious recipes and entertaining mixes designed exclusively for your furry friends.

Craft brunch-inspired masterpieces meticulously tailored to delight your loyal companion's taste buds. With our PetCakes mixes, you'll concoct a dish that mirrors human brunch favorites while remaining perfectly suitable for your canine family.


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