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PetCakes Complete Baking Kit for Cats

PetCakes Complete Baking Kit for Cats

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The Purrfect Cat Confectionery Kit: Effortless Feline Festivities Baked by You!

Flavors: Irresistible Salmon and Catnip Delights paired with frosting mixes with creamy tuna's taste.

Sprinkle and candle included!

Elevate special moments with your cherished whiskered companions using our all-inclusive, user-friendly baking ensemble. Celebrate with your fur babies like never before. Prepare to forge everlasting memories, one delectable morsel at a time.

Our package arrives complete with a patented, innovative, reusable designed fish-shaped baking mold, ensuring that each masterpiece is a feast for the eyes and the taste buds. Crafted from select human-grade ingredients, our treats uphold the highest standards. Devoid of any undesirable additives, our delicacies are free from grains, artificial fillers, soy, excess salt, or artificial preservatives. Furthermore, every element is meticulously procured and proudly manufactured right here in the USA.

With this kit at your disposal, no celebration remains incomplete, and no tails cease their contented swaying.

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