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How DATE Night • DOG Night came about

Date Night with Bella

Date Night with Bella

Bella was wrapped in a cast and with head staples with strict orders from Vet for minimal movement.  I was hand feeding her boiled chicken as she lay in her doggie bed watching me cook for her.  I’d cooked too much chicken and decided to make chicken noodle soup for the rest of the family.  I started to think of the quality time Bella and I were spending in the kitchen cooking; and I thought ‘It’s Date Night’ with Bella…or, Date Night • Dog Night.  So here we are , sharing our recipes for cooking and baking family treats & dog treats!

Candy Cane Dog Treats by PetCakes

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EPISODE 1Making Candy Cane Treats



Sweet Potato Souffle & Turkey Paws

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EPISODE 2 (PART 1)Making Sweet Potato Soufflé




Turkey Paws recipe by PetCakes

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EPISODE 2 (PART 2)Making Turkey Paws



dog pizza recipe

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 EPISODE 3Easy Peasy Puppy Pizza



spinach and cheese tart recipe for dogs

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EPISODE 4Spinach & Cheese Pup Tarts