I don’t know about you, but I LOVE getting “surprise” gift boxes in the mail every week, month or quarter. You know what I mean, paid subscription services for anything and everything including but not limited to food, clothing and of course pet stuff. It makes me feel very powerful and lucky all at the same time. I start, stop and resume as many “gifts” as I want. I am queen of my castle and I get to receive luxury at my door any time I desire.

The only thing more exciting and fun than my surprises are the gift boxes for my baby Bella. How does she KNOW every time when her boxes arrive versus mine? Well of course she is the smartest dog ever and has a great sniffer! I love seeing her trying to open it and then play with and destroy all the toys within 5 minutes of receiving them.

I have been dreaming about creating a subscription service for PetCakes for years. Well now my dreams have come true because I have created something truly amazing, creative and unique for YOU and your BFF to do with your Best Furry Friends each month – bonding over brunch and giving back because we are donating 10% of all online sales to pet charities!

Every month you and your bestie get to create a canine culinary brunch item, like “Woof Waffles” to serve your beasties! Each quarter you will receive a gift box with 3 months of recipes with mixes to make fast, fresh and fun meals for your fur babies. You can follow along with me as I make each recipe or you can go solo because each recipe has detailed instructions with helpful pictures and YouTube tutorials.

Just think, it’s like Blue Apron but for your dogs! You will get to use our PetCakes mixes to make human looking brunch items for your furry friends. Who wants to watch dogs eating healthy “Canine Quiche” or “Barktown Biscuits & Gravy” – I DO! Our mixes will never have added salt, processed sugars, preservatives, wheat, corn or soy – Never – Ever! And you will feel even better knowing that you have supported a special and unique charity each month.

Buy just one quarter to test it out or go canine crazy and purchase the entire years worth of doggy brunches all at once for a deep discount and exclusive monthly offers and freebies!

Each month will cost $15 if you purchase each quarter separately ($45 for each Brunch Box). However, each month will cost just $11.68 if you purchase the entire year up front which is a $40 savings ($35 for each Brunch Box for a total of $140).

Order before December 1, 2019 to receive FREE Shipping on your first PetCakes Brunch Box!

“National Cook For Your Pets Day” is the first of November. This recipe will give you the leg up on celebrating this holiday. However, in honor of our Vets we will be donating 10% of all sales in November to Paws for Purple Hearts, warriors helping warriors. Find out more at https://pawsforpurplehearts.org/


“National Needy Animals Day” is the eleventh of December. In honor of this special holiday we will donate 10% of all sales in the month of December to Pet Partners. They are dedicated to touching lives and improving health through the power of therapy animals. Learn more at https://petpartners.org/


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